Alicia & Luke get married at Cerberus Beach house

Alicia and Luke stole my heart from the moment we met.  They had worked out what was important to them and how they wanted to celebrate their wedding.  They wanted to do it their way and they loved planning all things that made it their way.  They wanted to invite 50 of their closest friends and family, and for their bridal party to be the people they wanted to spend the morning together with and that they would have three people each.  They definitely wanted to have a first look and to mostly do all the photos before the ceremony.  Basically, they wanted to have a whole lot of fun!

First I joined Luke, his dad and his groomsmen for lunch at one of their favourite restaurants in Elwood.  I then went to the house in Hampton where Alicia was finishing getting ready we then went to Ricketts point where Luke and Alicia where going to see each other for the first time on their wedding day, all dressed up and ready to get married together.

Their first look was beautiful and hilarious.  Luke was waiting in the middle of the beach facing the opposite way to where Alicia was arriving and suddenly he was surrounded by ‘little nipper’ lifesavers.  It was brilliant.  Then the moment of calm when Alicia arrives and he turns around to see her.  There was so much emotion and happiness in the air.

After some photos the couple and their bridal party proceeded to Ebenezer cafe to have a snack and refreshments before heading to the glorious Cerberus beach cafe to get married in front of all of their friends and family!

It was a beautifully relaxed, emotional and fun wedding which I was honoured to be able to capture for them!