The 52 Project

This is 2017 and I am embarking on The 52 week project one photo of each of my kids once a week. I’m not looking for perfection, just a way to document our kids while pushing some creative boundaries every now and then.

Join me for the journey #the52project

1/52 New year, new light & Mummy smiles

Melbourne, Bayside, Family, photography, natural, newborn, real

Melbourne, Bayside, Family, photography, natural, newborn, real

2/52 Smile in her soul // School holiday adventures

3/52 Sunny bath evenings this week have been all about make believe and the power rangers and their energems. It has been intriguing and lovely to watch their mostly peaceful games.

4/52 Magical weekend in Bonnie Doon, camping with my sister and her family, totally off the grid. No power, no running water & a long drop with a spectacular view. It was totally brilliant. We bathed in lakes & rivers and we really felt at one with the great Australian bush. Perfect way to end to summer holidays.

5/52 School is back and Sadie has missed her friends. Particularly this little girl!

6/52 We prepare to say goodbye to best friends moving back to England.

7/52 Driveway hangs with our beautiful neighbours sadly a farewell to another good friend, luckily they are just moving to the other side of Melbourne!

8/52 Making the most of summer evenings and picnic adventures after school.

9/52 Arthur turns 5 and has a party at the beach!

10/52 Picnic at beach for Arthur’s actual birthday

11/52 Sadie looses a tooth & Arthur is cheeky!

12/52 Mummy and Daddy went away for a couple of days to meet up with English Grandparents meanwhile… Sadie looses another tooth!

13/52 Being sick isn’t much fun, luckily it didn’t last long and we could enjoy our grandparents visiting from England. Also the week Sadie finally had enough money to buy a Garmin and Arthur his bike!

14/52 Dinner with English grandparents, and snakes and ladders!

15/52 Easter & a visit to Wilsons Prom.

16&17/52 A road trip and camping in the Blue mountains. Arthur rides without training wheels.

17/52 Finding the meerkat in the book, such fun & baths with their cousins

Week 19 – 29/ 52 So much has happened in this time, while winter arrived, I photographed many weddings in three different countries, my beautiful grandma passed away peacefully and we celebrated her life. I have struggled to stay on top of this project in this time but am also confident that now I will be caught up I will be able to stay on top of it.